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My friends when my daddy gone he miss the father's day the all june about holiday so I miss him so much.
That's me and my daddy because he very nice guy my mom she miss him too as well because I still crying and I can't take it anymore I'm the one I say sorry for him this is all not my fault for him i'm still sad I told my big momma all about him Mewtow crying plz Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] I just can't say to nothing with him because he cried too his tears so I was so upset i'm so sorry I'm so sorry daddy all my family we went to the home fenural at Detroit mi when is snow comes is because me and big momma and now my daddy gone too at 2014 after he got sick his cancer Sayu Crying Icon Sayu Crying Icon I'm never seen him again I wanna save my own family Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 
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  • Listening to: Kid Icarus video games
  • Reading: Kid Icarus Uprising Gendaer
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: ssb4
  • Eating: Vegetables
  • Drinking: Juice
Once upon a time there was a angel girl name Pat she was a little just like Pit he was little boy until then Pat where she going to place is she do not had her family.
Pat she going to angel land the female gaurds see Pat she walking to the enter until Lord Photios see and then he said
Lord Photios talk he said
Hi little girl what are you here my palace he said he sit on the bench with her.
Pat she said Um hello sir my name is Pat i'm so little bit nervous for people trying to scared I don't wanna to live the people because i'm so little bit scared I wish I wanna with kind person stay with are you kind with me she said.
Lord Photios he said Yes i'm kindly with you I'm not gonna hurt you i'm promise and is nice to meet you Pat my names is Lord Photios is nice to meet you would you stay with me I'm showing the around place.
Pat she said Yes Lord Photios is nice to meet you I would love you show me around.She hold his hand and Lord Photios walk together like Daughter and Daddy of course Photios point to the Centruions they are nice to Pat she said hi to them they hi to her lord photios he point to the kitchen he ask her Lord Photios he said are you hungry then she said yes i'm starving something like healthy food did you have fruit and vegetable and he said yes so come on i'm gonna fix you something to eat for lunch dear.
  • Listening to: Kid Icarus video games
  • Reading: Kid Icarus Uprising Gendaer
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: ssb4
  • Eating: Vegetables
  • Drinking: Juice
Anime Emoji (Blushy) Guys I had a cute dream about boyfriend his name brian he so handsome he same age with me he so cute I thing I had a crush on him so if you guys had a boyfriend or girlfriend tell me please ok :blushing: 
My bff I had a awesome my birthday trip for Orlando fl so my big momma and I were going to dinner and Saturday we wear a costume on going to megacon were had so much fun fun together we went to the pool and hot tub soo relax [i]: free blushing bun icon!Check it out guys what do you thing is cool huh.    That's me im look pretty and goddess of light so I was told you guys I'm so happy for itGoddess of light by bcfoster12

 Megacon 2017 by bcfoster12
What is your favorite movie guys my favorite is spongebob squarepants out of water so tell me guys
What is your favorite video games 
Heyyyy guys were home from olrando fl me and my big momma we having a awesome weekend is so cool we went to the pool and hot tub too is sooooo relaxing and I like megacon is so much funnnnn heheh 😄😄😄😄😄😄 soooo I was let you guys know we had a great day for vacation so I had poster sonic unleashed and toy of Pokemon this is best birthday vacation ever hehe if you guys miss me so much hug you my bff😗😗😗😗💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hey guys Friday my mom and I were going to Orlando fl to see megacon for comic con is gonna be fun is so amazing we until Friday Saturday and Sunday were going home this is my birthday trip ever is a small party ayeeeee I'm dancing watch me whip watch me NEA NEA ayeeee hehe hope you guys have a awesome day work and school too ok I love you guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
I'm making new friends for ya'll guys are cool famous I mean we can dance on wii u were totally fun superstarGold Star Sticker Icon and super dance move so who ready for dance for video games you guys ready for weekend ayeeeee say something friends
Guys I'm so excited on may 14 on Sunday I'm about to be 19 years old I can't believe it my she gave me sparkling for juice my family they give me for present my birthday ayeeeee hehe
I'm cooking garlic mac n cheese is so deliciousKirby Icons (Cooking II) so my mom she said I look the recipe i'm learning how to cook if you can cooking with your recipe i'm making som chicken parmasen and chicken alfredo with vegetables I have a lot cooking food so for this i'm challenge with my cousin were doing a home if challenge with your family and friends you have to cook ok so i'm cooking chef yeahNeko Emoji-12 (Cooking) [V1] 
Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon I had sad dream last night because of my sister she miss me so much her name is Shawna she say she love me so much her heart is little bit broke she made me cry I told her please sister no more cryChisaki Crying Icon i'm miss her too she stay at Detroit mi and my mom she said call her is she okay so I kiss my sister were family and my new niece too they need to be careful and be safe too so I told her Miuna Crying Icon Miuna Crying Icon Miuna Crying Icon  I'm so sorry my friends I wish I wanna see her
When i'm grow up I'm gonna be famous of actress on tv movie and video games too is gonna be awesome I like it the job my dream is cool I like it I told my mom about it perfect job I can't wait heheh so what is your perfect dream guysNeko Emoji-25 (Cool) [V2] 
My birthday on may 14 Sunday I'm about to be 19 years old my mom she happy tear about me and then I told her don't cry big momma were all grow up so fast need a slow down I was let you guys know about my birthday ok😉😚💙💙💙💙
My brother dale he a grow man but he still at Ohio from prison because me and my brother daruis were just talk about our brother
My dream was he miss me so so very much he crying 😢😭😭😭😭 oh dale please don't cry I'm praying when he get out for jail at Ohio ok all my family they love brother he become of rapper the music video I told him I'm become a actress so he very proud of me he need to be strong you had to be careful ok I love brother Dale if you had brother and sister if they going jail what happened for news oh you going to pray with your brother and sister I'm not about to cry
I'm going to Washington DC on winter I look the travel the world what are you going see travel the world
I told my friends I love you too my brothers and sister friends at college I'm gonna had to say and I love you ya'll for telling me I'm have to be strong as a young lady but I'm love my family and my friends too I say to all of you I love you my friends everyone else if you say love you you happy for it ok I'm pray with you guys because god is for blessing for jesus Christ is for everyone when love with friendship I'm listeing for my family what they saying is they love friends I'm love my bff too all people saying love you too and then what are you gonna say for yourself tell me pray with your family and friends and me too I love you my bffHug Heart Heart Nichijou - Mai Pray/Beg 
On sunday I'm going church with my grandma she love church and we pray for pastor if you had a celebreate for easter do you like finding eggs and basket for hunting if you like to even with your family I love easter my nieces love easter basket or you can color eggs some like that Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) heheheh so tell me do you like easter
Hi guys how your awesome day my day is so much fun we dancing for prom at Sidney lanier my friends they have a great time is so awesome hahaha anyway what are you about to weekend you stay home hangout your friends or somewhere to fun we can chat if you guys wanna talk to me if you want today is Friday I like to watch the movie and youtube
My daddy and i were feeling love family and then he kiss on my cheeks so i kiss him too he say i love you baby my baby hehe I'm blushing oh dad hehe your so funny and my sister she had a baby when my daddy said he miss my little pumpkin niece new born last year 😘😘
And then i was love my happy family so I'm miss my brother dale he in jail at Ohio he did a bad decisions i don't like it bad decisions is because Dale he very trouble so i told my big momma about it how to learn good decision.