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I'm feeling someone he so handsome is my friend Courtney then he a good friend he look like a my older brother to me and then I kiss him he so kind person 😗😗😗 I love him so much if you had crush someone 💗💗💗💗
My birthday on may 14 Sunday I'm about to be 19 years old my mom she happy tear about me and then I told her don't cry big momma were all grow up so fast need a slow down I was let you guys know about my birthday ok
Is Friday guys WHO READY FOR PARTY AYEEEEE😁😁😁😁😁😁 I like to sing and dancing what are you gonna do for weekend my bffs is so awesome day I know y'all been busy alot I was gonna let you know oh happy day you had a awesome  weekend love you bff 💗💗💗💗
My brother dale he a grow man but he still at Ohio from prison because me and my brother daruis were just talk about our brother
My dream was he miss me so so very much he crying 😢😭😭😭😭 oh dale please don't cry I'm praying when he get out for jail at Ohio ok all my family they love brother he become of rapper the music video I told him I'm become a actress so he very proud of me he need to be strong you had to be careful ok I love brother Dale if you had brother and sister if they going jail what happened for news oh you going to pray with your brother and sister I'm not about to cry
I'm going to Washington DC on winter I look the travel the world what are you going see travel the world
I told my friends I love you too my brothers and sister friends at college I'm gonna had to say and I love you ya'll for telling me I'm have to be strong as a young lady but I'm love my family and my friends too I say to all of you I love you my friends everyone else if you say love you you happy for it ok I'm pray with you guys because god is for blessing for jesus Christ is for everyone when love with friendship I'm listeing for my family what they saying is they love friends I'm love my bff too all people saying love you too and then what are you gonna say for yourself tell me pray with your family and friends and me too I love you my bffHug Heart Heart Nichijou - Mai Pray/Beg 
On sunday I'm going church with my grandma she love church and we pray for pastor if you had a celebreate for easter do you like finding eggs and basket for hunting if you like to even with your family I love easter my nieces love easter basket or you can color eggs some like that Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) heheheh so tell me do you like easter
Hi guys how your awesome day my day is so much fun we dancing for prom at Sidney lanier my friends they have a great time is so awesome hahaha anyway what are you about to weekend you stay home hangout your friends or somewhere to fun we can chat if you guys wanna talk to me if you want today is Friday I like to watch the movie and youtube
My daddy and i were feeling love family and then he kiss on my cheeks so i kiss him too he say i love you baby my baby hehe I'm blushing oh dad hehe your so funny and my sister she had a baby when my daddy said he miss my little pumpkin niece new born last year 😘😘
And then i was love my happy family so I'm miss my brother dale he in jail at Ohio he did a bad decisions i don't like it bad decisions is because Dale he very trouble so i told my big momma about it how to learn good decision.
Good eveing everyone tomorrow is april fools day if you trick with your family and friends prank is very fun and funny too heheheh when someone trying to prank at you you should say oh my god and you doing a prank Giggle Giggle Giggle a lot of people doing a funny stuff doing a prank call if they get you you should say you can catch me hehhe
My daddy he was upset of me I had dream then he crying and i'm crying too is not my fault for me I told him what wrong daddy after he pass away at 2014 on januray is because of me and my family I told my friends my uncle he died too last year on November I say why mom why you even tell me your brother death Mewtow crying plz Oh my god if you pray with your family and me i'm still upset my uncle and my daddy too pray for yourself ok am sorry friends about to cry emote 
My friends my auntie her birthday next month she so very excited for her she so happy me and my mom were conversation about her sister she do something her sentence and me i'm buying her gives for her birthday on april 5